• New Hire and Promotional Testing

    Law Enforcement and Corrections

    Let us help you select your top leaders through defensible reliable testing. We offer affordable, reliable, and accurate testing solutions for your agency. Our assessment team have over 20 years of law enforcement testing experience.   

    Assessment Center Administration and Evaluation

    Rocky Mountain HR Solutions chooses subject matter experts to evaluate and provide comprehensive training for the assessors. Our methods create validated, objective, and legally defensible evaluations and scoring objectives.  The Rocky Mountain team provides assessor manuals and scoring criteria to ensure all candidates are evaluated consistently. This is achieved by:  

    1. Training consistent with the assessment manuals.
    2. Providing assistance during testing.
    3. Assisting the assessors with documentation.
    4. Ensuring all candidates are evaluated consistently by the same scoring criteria and rules.

    • Following the conclusion of the assessment center, the Rocky Mountain team will prepare a final report with the scores and ranking of the candidates.   
    • Our assessment centers are comprehensive and customized to the agency.   
    • Rocky Mountain HR Solutions uses an assessment center to simulate on-the-job challenges to measure the candidate’s abilities to perform the essential functions of the job. The testing methods are written for agency specific challenges, needed skills, and abilities.  
    •  We provide high quality assessment centers for new hire and promotional testing, customized to meet each client’s individual needs.    
    • Our mission is to provide our clients with high quality assessment centers for new hire and promotional testing. We do this by understanding our client’s agency needs and crafting test components that bring the best candidates to the top of the list.      

    Contact one of our HR Consultants to discuss your individual testing options.

    Gaylyn Larsen or Dr. Judy R. Thimakis at rockymhrsolutions@gmail.com.